Friday, June 1, 2018

Dangerous Weather Situation in the Northern Great Plains and Missouri River Valley

While tornadoes are quite possible, they may not be the biggest threat.

Tornado Threat
Five percent (brown) is the significant threshold for tornadoes with 10% an enhanced risk.

Damaging Thunderstorm (Non-Tornadic) Winds
On this map, 15% (yellow) is the significant threshold. Thirty percent (red) is an enhanced risk. The purple, 45%, in Nebraska is a high risk and the hatching means that winds could be more than 75 mph.
This is a situation where trampolines and lawn items should be stowed and there is a chance of power failures. 

Here is a closeup of the area where the most dangerous weather is expected.
I also recommend that St. Joseph and Kansas City keep an eye on this situation for tonight.

Again, the risk is spread out.
The significant threshold is 15% (yellow). The 45% area in Nebraska is, again, quite a concern. The hatching is where hailstones are forecast to exceed two inches in diameter. Put the car in the garage.

I am not live-blogging these storms. However, I will be tweeting at @usweatherexpert and I invite you to follow along.

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