Tuesday Tornado Risk Forecast

For planning purposes, here is my forecast for tornado risk forecast for later today and tonight. This does not include Wichita.

Over the northern part of the area (essentially north of I-70), the tornado risk is this afternoon and into tonight, giving the possibility of tornadoes in darkness. 

Over the southern half of the risk area, the tornado will risk will drop to near zero after dark.

Since this is the first day with tornadoes forecasted for the Great Plains in 2018, your tornado safety suggestions are here. Some additional thoughts...
  • If you live in the risk area, you might put valuables and family heirlooms your shelter now.
  • Always take a flashlight and a radio or television into your shelter.
  • Always wear substantial shoes into the shelter area. 
  • Take your cell phone in case you should be trapped. 
While this is the first day of the year with a tornado threat don't worry. Just keep up on the weather during the indicated times, have the children and friends/relatives who need help getting to shelter nearby and we'll get through it.

Yes, there is a risk of tornadoes over a much larger geographic area of the Great Plains tomorrow. I'll post a forecast about this time tomorrow. 

Finally, for additional information follow me on Twitter @usweatherexpert. I'll be posting additional information there this afternoon and evening. 


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