Puerto Rico: Congratulations AccuWeather Colleagues!

Photo by AccuWeather's Aira Nelson
I want to let you know about our company's relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Our State College team filled an entire shipping container with essential supplies -- especially generators -- needed for the town of Patillas, where, unfortunately, it appears Hurricane Maria "hit yesterday." Four members of our team went to PR to insure the supplies got to those in need. I'll let our team members on the scene take over the story,

The circumstances are unfortunate, but the community– especially in the humble town of Patillas- are extremely hopeful and full of energy.  Patillas welcomed AccuWeather with open arms.  No one we met complained, not even the people who lost their homes.  One family in particular had an enormous impact on me. This family of three – a husband who lost his legs, his wife, and her 102-year-old mother, who has to be on a feeding tube – had come into town extremely early, seeking a generator to help with the feeding tube. But the generators were still not ready to be distributed, so we asked the family to give us their home address, so we could deliver one.  When we arrived at their home, it was extremely late – but the wife’s reaction was overwhelming. She cried, “Is this real?  I had lost hope that the generator would come!” She then invited us in to meet the rest of her family.  Her mother said, “Gracias, no me queria morir!” which means “Thank you, I didn’t want to die.” 

If you would like to see a video of the supply delivery, click here.

I am so proud to be part AccuWeather, an organization full of dedicated, passionate people. We saves lives and property during storms like Maria and, while doing so, provide outstanding customer service to our clients. There aren't many jobs that give a person that level of satisfaction these days.


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