The Paris Freakout in One Great Cartoon

I woke up this morning to find 40 (!) responses from unhappy people on my Twitter account. Facebook had more than 50. Many of them telling me:
  • It is OK for the borough of Manhattan to burn literally millions of lights (and, create greenhouse gas) to fight creating greenhouse gas. It had to do with my criticism of lightning up buildings to criticize Trump. ADDITION: Let me try this again, because the criticism keeps coming. If you want to protest the generation of greenhouse gas TURN THE LIGHTS OFF. That makes a far better protest than "changing the color of lights that would have been on anyway." And, no, other than a navigation light at the top of the spire, the lights at the top of the WTC are not required to be on at all times. 
  • Yes, Paris accomplishes almost nothing but it was a great symbol (their word, used more than once).
  • No one was telling me where we'd get the more than one trillion needed to pay for the US commitment to the symbol. 
But, the best exchange came from WattsUpWithThat (go read the whole thing!). Here is an excerpt:
And, the brilliant Cartoon's by Josh came back with this:


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