Sunday Fun: "Picnic" and the Tornado

Via The Wichita Eagle
A fascinating vignette from a story about the restoration of a Kansas bridge made famous by the movie, Picnic. The Wichita Eagle explains in the story about the bridge and its fame,

While the movie was being filmed in Kansas, Udall was struck by a tornado, killing more than 75 people, injuring more than three-fourths of the town and destroying 192 buildings.
After the Udall tornado, the Hollywood film crew turned to Cecil Carrier, a local weather TV forecaster, to help soothe the nerves of Novak. 
She wanted to have a personal briefing each day, because she was frightened of tornadoes.

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Because there was zero warning, the Udall tornado, which killed 77 (out of a population of 500), was an especially terrifying event. I had never heard about Cecil and Kim Novak. Thank you, Beccy Tanner, for your interesting story!

BTW: Significant tornadoes are much less common in Kansas than people from outside the Great Plains believe. It was 55 years (Greensburg) before another tornado of that type occurred again in our state.


  1. I haven't heard Cecil Carrier's name in decades, wow, makes me feel like about 5 again. Nor did I know about this story. Thanks.


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