And, They Want Us to Send Them More Money So They Can 'Fight' Global Warming

According to the Associated Press, the WHO routinely has spent about $200 million a year on travel expenses—more than what it spends to fight AIDS and hepatitis ($70.5 million), tuberculosis ($59 million), and malaria ($61 million) combined.

The story is here. The WMO's (United Nations' World Health Organization) plan for combatting global warming is here and it says,

in 2015, the WHO Executive Board endorsed a new work plan on climate change and health. This includes: 
  • Partnerships: to coordinate with partner agencies within the UN system, and ensure that health is properly represented in the climate change agenda.
  • Awareness raising: to provide and disseminate information on the threats that climate change presents to human health, and opportunities to promote health while cutting carbon emissions. 
  • Science and evidence: to coordinate reviews of the scientific evidence on the links between climate change and health, and develop a global research agenda. 
  • Support for implementation of the public health response to climate change: to assist countries to build capacity to reduce health vulnerability to climate change, and promote health while reducing carbon emissions.
I, for one, am certainly glad they are "raising awareness" because no one has never heard of global warming or climate change, right?

One of the Instapundit commenters said,
Fact: Malaria in Africa is an annual catastrophe: One million easily and inexpensively preventable deaths each year. We know exactly how to solve this problem and save these lives.

Given these deaths are easily preventable and we have no idea what would occur (Better weather, worse weather? We don't know.) if we lowered CO2 levels, let's take care of malaria. Then, ask for funds to combat global warming.


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