Forecaster Evie Update

I've gotten some questions, "Where is Forecaster Evie? Haven't seen her lately."

Forecaster Evie is doing great. A thunderstorm had just cleared Emporia a few days ago, so we went out to watch a train being made up at BNSF's Emporia yard with assistant forecaster Jillian and Mom Tiffany. The train's engineer came over and spoke with us before the train got underway.

Four other trains came through while we were watching and Miss Evie was quite excited, "I see the lights!" as they approached. Evie loves trains and the weather and watching customers of AccuWeather helps her sharpen her forecasting skills!

I was teaching her that altocumulus castellanus clouds (background of photo) in the afternoon often precede thunderstorms. Sure enough, about two hours later (see below)...
Thanks for asking about her.


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