Damaging Wind Forecast - 8:30pm Thursday

Here is the view from my back yard at 8:20pm CDT. This is of a dying thunderstorm over west Wichita.

Radar at 8:24pm shows the dying storm near Wichita while near storms form quickly near Cheney Lake  (not shown) and Pretty Prairie.

At the same time, thunderstorms are increasing in intensity and coverage in the High Plains.

These are going to congeal over the next 4-5 hours and produce a threat of widespread damaging winds.  I agree that there will be a large area of wind damage potential over south central Kansas...in fact, I might add another 30 miles or so on the north side.
Wind gusts could approach 75 mph in the red area and as far north as Hays and Russell.

So, charge your phone and computer NOW (but take them off the chargers before any lightning arrives). There is a risk of scattered power failures.



8:49pm radar.

And, at 8:40pm,
From met back yard, the eastern (green) radar echo is in the foreground while the developing thunderstorms to the west (arrow) are visible behind it.


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