Remember When Global Warming Was Going to Destroy Crops?

Just go back a few years and you read this all over the MSM...
That is Dr. James Hansen, who since 1988, has been telling us, over and over and over, that terrible consequences are just around the corner ("scorching crops in the Midwest") due to global warming.

Now, the problem isn't "scorching" but surplus.
The reference to "sinking" refers to lower prices per bushel of corn and other grains because so much has been grown this year. I am hoping farmers will be able to store the surplus as increasing (but still a minority) numbers of scientists are forecasting global cooling the next few years. If so, the cooler temperatures would likely suppress grain production due to the shorter growing seasons 


  1. I was in SE KS yesterday and the corn and soybean crops looked great. Even saw a few combines harvesting corn. So thankful for all the rain. Too bad too much of a good thing is going to hurt the farmers budget.


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