Let the Hype Begin!!

As previously mentioned, the more active state of the tropics the past week has led to almost silly speculation as to when/if a hurricane might hit the United States.

Now that we are 5-6 days (at the earliest) out from a potential landfall, we have really seen the hype ramp up. But, here is the problem: The hurricane hunter plane that investigated the system a few hours ago showed it has not strengthened or organized.

So, there is no need for undue concern. If things look like they may become serious, AccuWeather and I will keep you informed.


  1. There are Hurricane-niks like there are NFL Draft-niks and, indeed, Storm Chasers (at least the ones *not* doing research).

    Dr Masters' blog over at wunderground.com usually does a nice job explaining all the factors into TS formation and each model's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to a) storm track and b) storm intensity. Unfortunately, when Jeff is actually writing his blog, he spends too much time as a climate alarmist as opposed to spending time on what he does best - technical discussion of TS development.


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