Saturday, January 5, 2013

Look Out Austin: "AMS Effect"

Many have noted the "Al Gore Effect" which is the tendency for the weather to be unseasonably cold in a location where he is going to preach about the evils of catastrophic global warming.

There is also an American Meteorological (AMS) Society Effect which is the tendency for stormy weather to occur at the location of the Society's Annual Meeting (which is almost always in January) while the meeting is in progress, especially when it is in Texas. Want an ice storm? Have us visit San Antonio (both times!). Want a tornado? Have us visit Anaheim (yes, Anaheim). Want snow in Seattle? That's us! When we were in Savannah, all time low temperature records were set.
Photo by Meteorologist and AMS meeting attendee Dr. John Knox via Facebook
This year, the meeting is in Austin where the weather was beautiful today (see above). The meeting starts tomorrow and ends Thursday (I have the coveted final paper at 4:45pm).

Want to see the forecast for period the meeting is in progress?
That is about 1.75 inches of rain. In this case, the region is in a drought so one could argue we are bringing "improving" weather.

In any case, if Atlantans want to plan their 2014 winter vacations, we'll be there from February 2 to 6 (the only year in the next ten we aren't in January). I don't know whether it will be rainy, icy, or tornadoey in ATL but I'd plan to be out of town.

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  1. I know exactly what you are talking about here. I went to the meeting in San Antonio in the 80’s and they had winter weather. For a northerner it was my first experience with winter rookies. I will never forget the TV news announcers talking about driving in the cold and the remarks they made about using the windshield washers. Apparently the concept of windshield washer antifreeze solution was not something they knew about because they all remarked how their windshields had iced up when they tried to use the washers.


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