Monday, January 7, 2013

AMS Annual Meeting Effect: Part II

Looking forward to presenting my paper at the AMS Annual Meeting in Austin Thursday at 4:45pm. The coveted final spot of the conference (saving the best for last!). Michelle asked me this morning if I wanted a rental car. I told her no, I was hoping they would have gondola's to float us from the airport to the river. I'd walk to the convention center from the river. Why a boat?

Saturday, I wrote about the AMS's annual meeting's tendency to wreak havoc on the weather on whatever city that is hosting the meeting during the week of the conference.

Last night's European model forecast about three inches of rain for Austin. That is a lot but nothing tremendous. However, the new GFS is now forecasting five inches of rain!
I'd tell everyone to get on high ground except that, yes, there is a chance of tornadoes, especially tomorrow evening.
Map of the tornado-threatened area of south Texas. Austin on the edge. 
I remember watching a tornado damaging Huntington Beach from the Disneyland Hotel during an AMS Annual Meeting in Anaheim back in the 90's.

Atlanta: Are you sure you want us next year?

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