“McCarthyism – it’s only wrong when the other guys do it.”

...from the comments at Watts Up With That's article about the new climate blacklist published by the National Academy of Science based - in part - on belief in the 'consensus' on 'global warming.' Here is Roger Pielke, Jr.'s reaction. Roger Pielke, Sr.'s reaction is here. Tom Fuller's is here. Tom goes on to say,

Just when you think things can't sink any lower, the National Academy of Sciences has now published a list compiled by a non-academic weblogger that attempts to rank scientists by expertise, credibility and (oh!) belief in the consensus position on global warming.

I am flummoxed that the U.S. National Academy of Science (should it change its name to National Academy of Propaganda?) would stoop so low to publish this garbage.
UPDATE: Dr. Roy Spencer calls it an inquisition. With that in mind, I offer a photo of Mel Brooks in his classic "The Inquisition" number in The History of the World Part I. Perhaps, if he ever makes History of the World Part II, Mel will take on climate 'science.' I hereby volunteer my services to help writing the script. After all, this type of 'science' is a joke.


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