Update on Looming Winter Storm

For the second time in a week, I do not understand why parts of the Northeast are not under blizzard warnings rather than mere winter storm warnings.

Please do not be misled. This will be another major winter storm. According to news reports, more than 300,000 are still without power from Friday's storm. The blizzard will put a halt to restoration efforts and may cause few additional homes to lose power.

Let's begin with this update. Here is the radar at 5pm EST. Not much happening yet.

At 8am tomorrow (Wednesday), the storm will just be beginning.

Here is our latest forecast of total snowfall for this storm:

And, here is our wind forecast. I have added where blizzard conditions are most likely to occur.
Note, blizzard conditions may occur over a larger area than what I have noted.

Flights are going to be a complete mess. Waivers have been issued. Use them.

Another update tomorrow morning.


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