For Storm Recovery Planning

This is an important point: The power will be out in some areas for days or even weeks. I believe that too many got a late start in dealing with this storm if the absence news coverage -- even as late as this morning -- is any indication.

In the past hour, three weather observing stations in eastern Massachusetts have reported wind gusts above 90 mph. Because of the lack of power, raw sewage is flowing in four areas of New Jersey.

Because the damage is so geographically widespread, it is going to take time just to get crews from across the nation into the affected area to start restoring power.

Why is this important?
  • If you are weighing whether to move to a hotel, it is quite possible the power will be out longer rather than shorter, especially if you are in one of the areas with the strongest winds. 
  • This storm is so severe that I would not count on deliveries tomorrow, regardless of delivery promises. 
  • If you are without power, it is possible your nearby pharmacy is, too. If you decide to go to the across town or to the next town to get a prescription refilled, take the bottle. 
  • Your flight cancelled or seriously delayed? Use this guide; tens of thousands have used it, it is one of this blog's most popular posts. 


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