The Airlines Are WAY Behind the Curve

The airlines should have waivers for the following airports, at minimum:
  • DC-Reagan
  • DC-Dulles
  • BWI
  • Buffalo
  • Boston
  • State College
  • Pittsburgh
  • Binghamton
  • Philadelphia
  • Newark
  • NY-Kennedy
  • Boston
due to the strengthening winter storm. Tomorrow (Friday) is going to be an utter mess because the airlines are far behind the curve of changing weather developments. 

They may post the waivers first thing in the morning so check before you head to the airport. Take advantage of them...because of weather conditions in the Northeast you'll probably want to postpone your trip (see below). 

Be prepared for the airlines (especially United who has perfected this tactic) to play "creeping delay" on you tomorrow. If it were me and they announce a significant delay, ask if you can go later at no penalty. 


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