Update on Northern Plains Blizzard Potential

Here is the latest snowfall amount forecast. Note: In the band from southwest of Fargo into central Ontario, there could be a few spots that get as much as 15" of snow.

There will be very high winds with this storm.
AccuWeather has complete details.

Also, for my readers in the Great Lakes snow region (like Buffalo), there is the possibility that the Lake Effect Snow season may begin rather abruptly in 4-6 days.


  1. Could you write a blog post (or do you have a past one archived I could read) that better explains how you guys predict high winds? (as are forecasted for Thursday this week). I understand much of how you predict precipitation, thunderstorms, tornadic weather, etc - but how do you determine what daily winds are going to be (non-storm related). I would like to understand that science.


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