Sunday Fun: Visit Us in Wichita

The Wichita Eagle Thursday ran a great story about SNT Media, a rapidly growing company that moved from San Francisco to Wichita two years ago. Here is a portion of the article you may find interesting:

The Wichita Advantage

It's those visitors that SNT's executives think of when they praise Wichita. 

Bruck, Owens and chief financial officer Massimo Messina all praised Wichita's amenities and ease of living.

All are well-traveled tech executives, and they've lived in London, New York, San Francisco, Dallas and Milan...

They praised Wichita's workforce, its commute, its school choices, its downtown, and the fact that someone can get a four-bedroom house in a great location for the same price as a small condo in an iffy location in California...

They praised their Wichita employees' Midwestern values and high competence.

It's all good, they said...

Even visitors from Chicago and New York come away with a pretty positive view, they said. The new airport is a "massive asset," Owens said, and the restaurants and hotels are West Coast caliber. And, when they come to Wichita, they're at their hotel in 10 minutes...

"It's an amazing place to live."

I couldn't agree more!!


  1. A big plus about USA midwest is the price of property.


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