Saturday Fun: Emergency Broadcast Network

Is there anything more useless than the FCC's Emergency Broadcast System?

You know, that interrupts the Price is Right with a nonsensical test just as Amber Lancaster, clad in a skimpy swimming suit, climbs into a hot tub. Ehhhhhhhhh----Ehhhhhhhh---Ehhhhhhh.

Keep in mind the United States has never activated the EBS system; not even on September 11, and we somehow have lived through hurricanes and terror attacks without the FCC's help.

So, I enjoyed it today when Dave Barry wondered what EBS would sound like in the event of an actual nuclear war:

Hi there! You are listening to the Emergency Broadcast System, so don't touch that dial! It's probably melted anyway! Weatherwise, we are expecting afternoon highs of around 6,800°,  followed by a cooling trend as a period of cloudiness-- consisting of Oregon and California  -- blots out the sun for a few hours. 


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