Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Fun: Story About Gregg Marshall's Wife Lynne

For those new to the blog, we often feature topics on Sundays that don't deal with meteorology or climate change. The second feature this morning is a wonderful story by the Wichita Eagle's sports columnist, Bob Lutz, about Lynne Marshall, the wife of Wichita State's basketball coach, Gregg Marshall. While I can't say I know Lynne, we have been at one function together and Bob's article is right on.

I loved this characterization:

She’s at every home game and many that are played on the road. She is mild-mannered by day but an arm-waving, referee-disbelieving, 100 percent fan when the Shockers are in action.

Read more here:

Gregg is one of the top five best college basketball coaches in the nation and he could coach anywhere. The Marshalls choose to stay in Wichita because of the wonderful people here. Forbes has said that Wichita has the finest quality of life for the lowest cost of living in the country. Come and visit sometime!

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