Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Fun: My Train Layout

A month ago at this time, we had The Week of the Train as my new train layout was installed. Just wanted to catch everyone up on the fun. Here are some videos:

A BNSF Z train passing rebuilt Greensburg:

The AccuWeather storm tracking train:
This part of the layout depicts Barber Co. Kansas (which is very scenic west and southwest of Medicine Lodge) where we were chasing Wednesday evening.

Kansas City Southern's Southern Belle (which passed my home daily when I was growing up) passes the prototypical signaling system. It is also passing a weather radar.

Railroads helped to build America and, every day, they move the goods we use in our daily lives. That is what is in those shipping containers and trailers passing under St. Louis' Gateway Arch. In real life, there is a BNSF track under the Arch. In the St. Louis part of the layout we have Ted Drewes Frozen Custard -- a location everyone St. Louisian knows.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions serves all of these railroads and hundreds of other clients. Here, we look down a runway at our client O'Hare (did you know railyards border two sides of O'Hare?) with a Beechcraft (also a client) getting ready to take off. To the right, you see the original O'Hare terminal with the weather station on the top.

Model train aficionados say, "Today is the first day of the rest of your layout." Not for me. This is beyond wonderful and I am having so much fun. Hope you've enjoyed this little tour.


  1. You need a Barber Co. Sheriff car posted at that railroad crossing. The chase train came up to it on short notice. LOL

  2. Great layout thanks for the pictures. If you are ever in Central New York, look me up and you can come for a ride on my club’s layout ( roger dot Caiazza at gmail dot com

  3. Thank you, Roger. That is a great invitation.

    As you may know, Trainworx does the layouts for Grand Central Terminal and Macy's at Christmas.

  4. This is just fantastic!

    I had a nice set my father and I built when I was growing up - it was sadly dismantled after I became a teenager and "disinterested" in that but now that my dad has retired, we are talking of building a new one.



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