Today's Climate: "What's Not to Like?" II

We will end the month of August without a hurricane occurring in the Atlantic basin for only the 25th time in the last 161 years.

The U.S. continues, each day, to lengthen its record-breaking interval without a Category 3 or stronger hurricane visiting our shores. The old record was set more than 110 years ago.

Tomorrow is the 5th 8th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (I'll have more thoughts on that tomorrow). Remember all of the news coverage, quoting catastrophic global warming advocates, that hurricanes were going to get worse? Of course, the opposite has occurred:
Dr. Ryan Maue's northern hemisphere (upper curve) and worldwide (lower curve)
index of tropical storm and hurricane combined number and intensity. 
Right now, there are no signs of a hurricane developing in the Atlantic. But, it is almost inevitable one or more will occur before the hurricane season ends. Perhaps there will be a destructive storm. That is the normal course of nature.

In the meantime, enjoy the last few days of this mild summer. Today's climate: What's not to like?


  1. One small correction, Hurricane Katrina hit in Aug 2005 making the upcoming anniversary the 8th not the 5th as stated.


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