Al Gore: Wrong Again

Earlier this week, Al Gore said hurricanes had increased so much that meteorologists were adding a "Category 6" storm to the Safir-Simpson 1-5 hurricane intensity scale.

As usual, Al is wrong on every count.
  1. No one is considering adding a "6" category. 
  2. Every single day, we add to the record interval between hurricanes of Cat. 3 intensity or stronger in the United States. We are now at 7 years, 10 months (the last was Wilma in 2005). The previous record was six years -- which occurred more than one hundred years ago. 
  3. Hurricanes are not increasing in either number or intensity. See below:
Yet, media all over the world have covered Al's words with only a few correcting the record. 

Below, I wrote about the nonsense of global warming "tipping points." Gore's latest statement is beyond wrong -- it is deliberately misleading. But, it is what we have come to expect from Mr. Gore.

As you view this classic bit from The Simpsons' "Marge versus the Monorail" please substitute "global warming" whenever they sing the word "monorail" and picture Gore doing the singing and dancing. 

P.S. Let me add there are many sincere people and scientists who believe global warming is a major problem (I believe it is a small problem).


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