Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Re-Launching This Blog

A "cool" photo of the flag on this hot Independence Day
The Mike Smith Enterprises Blog was launched in November, 2009. It was to be focused on weather, occasionally climate and other topics that I thought would be of interest to our readers. 

As the blog is being re-launched today, I thought it would be helpful for our readers (Ms. Mindy East occasionally guest posts) to know some of my thinking so as to better understand the context of my writing. Note: I did not want to change the focus of the blog in tornado season just after my March 31 retirement. That is why I have waited until now. 

As I say on my Twitter home page, I am a husband, father, grandfather, scientist, entrepreneur, author and public speaker. I am a practicing Catholic. I believe there is no conflict between faith and science. Interesting, the scientific case for a Creator has strengthened recently

A Reagan conservative (not Republican), I share the Gipper’s optimism about the world:it is in best shape it has ever been.
  • Extreme poverty is at the lowest rate in the history of the world
  • The poor are getting richer faster than the rich.
  • Global warming has lengthened the growing seasons so it is possible to feed the world’s population. The giant famines of the 1960’s and 1970’s, when world temperatures dipped (the “global cooling” scare) have disappeared thanks to warmer weather and to The Green Revolution. 
  • In the United States, black unemployment (something that has been a huge issue) is the lowest ever. Other economic indicators are positive. 

That is not to say there aren’t major problems. 
Many people in their early 30’s and 20’s seem not to understand these days that socialism has never worked in any way, shape or form. It is dangerous to individual freedom and toxic to national prosperity (ask the people of Venezuela, twenty years ago a wealthy nation). Socialism is usually proposed by wealthy politicians (Bernie Sanders makes over $1,000,000/year and has three homes) and the weathy/protected class to (unfortunately) gullible people looking for a panacea. 

There is also a crisis in science where serious issues of ethics have crept into the research field. 

Liberty, the rule of law, and free enterprise are the proven prescriptions for 
prosperity and quality of life. 

Now, after criticizing socialism, I am going to strongly criticize the Bush II, Obama, and Trump (so far) Administrations for not enforcing the anti-trust laws. Free enterprise can only work if there is competition. There is little competition among the major airlines (flown lately?) and shrinking competition in many other industries.

As we move forward, this blog will occasionally feature postings about weather science and climate but it will also talk about business, innovation, politics and science. I hope to do so in an interesting and easy-to-read way. 

So, that is the Mike Smith Philosophy. Much more to come. Thank you for reading!!


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