Saturday, November 22, 2014

No, The Buffalo Blizzard Does Not Prove Global Warming

People keep sending me articles that contend the Buffalo blizzard is proof of global warming. In fact, it is quite the opposite. As this blog keeps pointing out, we are in a weather pattern very similar to the 1970's.

There was a major California in the 1970's and there has been a California drought the last two years. That is covered here.

There was a major blizzard in Buffalo in the 1970's, as well.
Look familiar? This is Buffalo in February, 1977. Photo courtesy Wikipedia.

This cannot be due to global warming because when it occurred in the 1970's, world temperatures were quite a bit cooler.
So, the climate cult has its basic science wrong. Global warming did not cause this week's Buffalo blizzard. 

Are temperatures warmer than they were then? Of course. But, the warming stopped in 1998 (see graph) and weather extremes are no worse.

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