Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flight Delays in the Northeast; Heavy Rain in the Southwest

Strong thunderstorms with high winds and hail are forecast in the yellow area with a very slight chance in the brown tint.

West of the Mississippi, where heavy rains have already occurred in some spots the last four days, more is forecast for the next seven. Here is the rainfall for the last four days. Note the six inches in northeast New Mexico.

Here is the rainfall amount forecast for the next seven days:

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  1. How did you generate your 4 day precip total map? Is it doppler estimated or based on ground obs?

    Asking because the map implies that a 20 mile radius (if not more) of the Denver metro area received 1.5" to 3". The KDEN "official" precip for the MONTH is 0.74". Clearly a mismatch.

    I also believe the 7 day precip forecast is misleading in highly variable areas (such as the Colorado Front Range) other than to predict "you may receive above/below normal precip." Areas of Boulder County received 6+" of rain overnight and are experiencing major flooding. However, KDEN has reported a mere 0.11" yesterday and 0.00" as of 6a today.


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