Major Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Period Ahead

Unfortunately, it looks like it is going to be a severe weather day as forecast. This forecast is valid from now until 7am Sunday. We'll break things down as follows.

Tornado Risk
On this forecast map, 5% (brown) is the significant threshold for tornadoes. The hatched area is where violent tornadoes are forecast to occur.

Damaging Thunderstorm Winds
Wow. In the hatched area, thunderstorm-generated wind gusts may exceed 75 mph. Needless to say, bring in anything that may be blown about (i.e., lawn furniture, etc.). The significant threshold on this map is 15% (yellow). In the non-hatched areas, wind gusts may exceed 60 mph.

Giant Hail
There is no much instability in the atmosphere that, in the hatched area, hail size might exceed 4 inches. The significant threshold on this map is 15% (yellow) which forecasts hailstones of 1" or more. Obviously, put your car in the garage.

I will not live-blog the storms but I will provide a couple of updates today. Please take these forecasts seriously and plan accordingly.


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