"I'll Believe Global Warming is a Crisis When the People Telling Me It Is a Crisis Start Acting Like It Is a Crisis"

The title represents Instapundit's Glenn Reynold's sage comment from at least five years ago that highlights the extreme hypocrisy of the catastrophic global warming movement.

Unfortunately, President Obama is the latest example. After giving a speech which said told us -- those of us with the relatively small carbon footprints --
that we have to cut our carbon footprints and our dietary patterns to fight global warming.

Meanwhile, President Obama, when traveling to Italy to give his speech:

  • Took a private jet instead of flying first class commercial.
  • Rode in an SUV.
  • Had a thirteen vehicle (!!) motorcade.
  • Used 22 hotel rooms
Somehow, former Presidents Bush and Carter get along without 13-car motorcades.

The Wall Street Journal's HeatSt put it this way,
In just his trip back and forth to Italy, for his presentation and his vacation, Barack Obama has emitted more than 16 metric tons of carbon – just shy of what an average American emits in a yearAdd to that the motorcade, the internal travel in Italy, and, of course, the villa, and Obama and his wife have easily emitted more carbon in one single week than most Americans will in 2017.

Look, I don't begrudge anyone the use of a private jet. If I could, that is the way I'd travel long distances. I just can't afford it, which is fine. But, then, I don't circle the world on private jets (the most carbon-spewing mode of travel) telling everyone else to cut their carbon footprints. 

There is one word for high profile leaders (Gore, DiCaprio, Obama, Pachauri, etc.): Hypocrites


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