Why the Kansas Wildfires Are Such an Important Story

I appreciate the New York Times providing quality coverage of this catastrophe for the Kansas, and surrounding states', ranching sector.
Ranching families across this countryside are now facing an existential threat to a way of life that has sustained them since homesteading days: years of cleanup and crippling losses after wind-driven wildfires across Kansas, Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle killed seven people and devoured homes, miles of fences and as much as 80 percent of some families’ cattle herds.

I highly recommend both the article and the accompanying video. 

This is why I am going to do extra coverage over the next two weeks of the prospects for rain across the Great Plains. If the rains are substantial and come quickly enough, it will make a difference to the 2017 winter wheat crop as well as help the pastureland come back more quickly.


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