Weather Pattern Changing to Allow Desperately Needed Rains in the Great Plains

After a dry late autumn and very dry winter, the weather pattern for the next 10- to 14-days is going to turn to one where significant rains will fall over the central Great Plains. This rain is desperately needed for the winter wheat crop.

Here is the NWS forecast for the next seven days:

The following two maps will give you an idea of the location and magnitude of the rains the next 10- days and 15-days. These are from the European model.

10-Day Forecast

15-Day Forecast

Again, don't take the above two maps too literally. The point is that the weather pattern is changing and rain is on the way.


  1. I like the 15 day Euro map for NE CO. We've had a dry and warm March so far and we've already had our fair share of wildfires. This precip will allow the plains vegetation to 'green up' which will reduce the wildfire threat.


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