Another Triumph of the Tornado Warning System

If you go to the Kansas City Star's website, you will find a video interview of a tornado victim in Oak Grove, Missouri, where more than 400 homes were hit.
She tells the paper that she, "Heard the sirens, got in the bathtub," et cetera.

There were tornadoes all over the highly populated Greater Kansas City area.

Smithville, MO.

Olathe, Kansas.

There were also tornadoes in Oklahoma and Arkansas. And, here is the bottom line:

Not a Single Death Occurred Due to All of These Tornadoes!

When she says she heard the siren and got in the bathtub, that is the result of the tornado warning system and the safety information that complements it. The warning system a Nobel Prize-worthy scientific accomplishment. And, we saved lives again last night!


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