Yet Another Flood Threat

Remember when global warming was going to make the Great Plains a desert? If you don't, go to Google and search the news coverage from 2012-13.

Anyway, the moisture from the remains of Pacific hurricane Payne are going to link up with a slow moving low pressure system in that will stall over the Rockies.

There is an immediate threat of flooding over southern Wisconsin, southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.

The bigger threat comes beginning this weekend and into next week. Here is the forecast rainfall extending out to Monday night.
This is a smoothed forecast and the rainfall situation will last into Wednesday or even Thursday in some locations. Some spots, exact location unknown, will have more than a foot of rain.

I'll be following this as it unfolds.


  1. What the above images do not show is the same area is already saturated from record breaking wet summer. Not sure how much sleep I will be getting the next few days here in La Crosse, WI as it does not look good.


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