Thursday, June 4, 2015

They Were Wrong on Population Explosion and They Will Be Wrong on Catastrophic Global Warming

...and, it is some of the same people! This piece in the New York Times is must-reading. Yet, even though the author acknowledges the 60's population forecasts were wildly wrong, he sticks to the global warming gospel. Meanwhile, the science will continue to show (here's a new study) that the expressions of "settled" climate science couldn't have been more wrong.

Why am I so confident? The climate models have run way too warm the last 20 years. Will they improve? Maybe; I don't know. But, even if global warming resumes for a climatologically significant period of time* the climate cult assumes human beings will not adapt and human ingenuity will cease.

No adaption and no ingenuity were bad bets in the '60's just as they are now. 

*I expect global temperatures to rise for a year or two due to the El Nino.

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