Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Nothing Like an 83-Year Weather Forecast

Sarcasm alert!

Friday, there was discussion on Twitter of Climate Central's latest claim -- a climate modeling computer says global warming is going to create "more downpours." My response? How will we ever survive "more downpours"?

Now, we have yet another 'shocking' finding from a climate computer model designed to tell us what the weather will be like in 83 years:
Should you believe these claims?

The obvious question becomes how well are the computer models, the kind that predict downpour frequency and Hawaii snow, doing when it comes to accuracy? Answer: Not so well. Here is another classic global warming-based forecast from 17 years ago:
The online dictionary I just consulted says "few" means three. So, all of the snow should have been gone in Great Britain by 2004, at the latest. Just checked and London, England, had 18 inches of snow this winter. Or, how about these headlines from spring, 2016?

The global warming computers get it wrong again.

It stands to reason, if they can't get 17 years correct, it is farfetched to believe an 83 year forecast will be any better. 

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