Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Fun: Letter From Auburn to Kansas State and Its Fans

I have some friends in a major midwest city that asked, "Why should I vacation in Kansas?" When I talk about how well they will be treated, I get a bit of a blank stare. Perhaps this letter from the Athletic Director of Auburn University Jay Jacobs, after their recent visit to Manhattan and Kansas State, explains better than I can. The letter was addressed to the editor of the Kansas State Collegian:

Dear Editor,
I wanted to thank K-State Athletic Director John Currie, K-State’s spirited student body and its first-class fans for making our recent trip to Manhattan a memorable one.
We like to boast that we have the best game day experience in the nation in the Southeastern Conference, but the environment at K-State is as good as I have ever seen. In the days since our trip to Manhattan, many of our fans have told me it was the best they have ever been treated on a road trip. Considering how many road games some of our fans attend, that is saying a lot.
The hospitality was outstanding. I can understand the courteousness prior to the game, but the way we were treated after the game was such a pleasant surprise. You are all first class.
You should also be proud of your beautiful campus and its outstanding athletic facilities. The football facilities are especially impressive, and our fans enjoyed seeing them.
Thank you again for the hospitality. We thoroughly enjoyed a hard-fought game and a wonderful environment. In years to come, we will have forgotten the score, but we will always remember how well we were treated.
We wish you the very best of luck for the remainder of the season.
Best regards,
Jay Jacobs
Director of Athletics
Auburn University
While I love the Kansas sky, the Flint Hills and many parts of the state's geography, it is the people that make our state so special.

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