Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hope We Never Have the "Real Thing"

Photo by Ben Johnson ( @bjohnson78ss ) via Twitter
Two funnel clouds over Lake Michigan in the background of a full Soldier Field during this afternoon's Bears' game. These are what are known as "cold air funnels" and their level of threat is minor.

So far, we have been lucky when it comes to NASCAR, NFL and MLB and have never had a major tornado strike during an event. Yes, a tornado struck the Georgia Dome during a basketball game ( ) but that was an F-1 tornado and an indoor facility. Even so, it was mighty scary for the people inside.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions works with stadiums across the U.S. to provide the maximum amount of notice possible but some facilities do not have enough sheltering facilities.

If there is ever a thousand-fatality tornado, this is how it would likely occur: A major tornado (think Joplin or Greensburg) striking a full stadium.


  1. Mike, here is a blog I posted after the April 14th tornado that hit Wichita. I was at Intrust Bank Arena. This is how it was handled by their management.

  2. Not sure why the comment posted all strange, but anyway.

  3. Justin,

    Thanks for the post. I read your blog post and you asked a number of good questions.

    I toured the IBA ten days ago and they are now a client of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions. With our service, the management, going forward, will have location-specific advice to pass along to their clientele. We'll work with them and I believe things will go more smoothly.

    That said, I have no issue with them moving the people in the boxes out first simply because they were at greater risk and because it would take more time to get them to a safer area.

    If I were in an arena when a tornado warning was issued, I would probably get to an interior restroom or storage room if those options were available. You always want to put as many walls between you and the tornado as possible.



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