Yes, I Have Another Book. It Is About the Joplin Tornado

Several times during WeatherCon (see below), I was asked about my "Joplin book." That book is
When the Sirens Were Silent which is the story of why more than 100 or so of the 161 people who died in the Joplin Tornado died unnecessarily due to serious flaws with the warnings that day. The book in paperback sold out within months of its release but we didn't believe there was sufficient interest to justify a second printing.

So, we published it for Kindle , Nook and the free Kindle Cloud Reader at a bargain price ($2.99!) because we really want people to read it so this type of disaster will never occur again.


  1. This is such a smart and eye-opening book. It gave me the insight I needed to reach out to our local Emergency Management people to ask them questions about how our county does things.


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