If You Are Traveling to the Rockies This Weekend

Yes, a late season "winter" storm.
This does include the Denver area.

Addition, 11:30am Friday, w/r/t commenter Brian. Here is a map of the NWS watches and warnings.
Pink is a winter storm warning. Purple is a winter weather advisory. Dark green is a winter storm watch (which means a winter storm may occur but is not imminent). You might note that this is very similar to what AccuWeather was forecasting a day ago but larger.


  1. No. By hyping this storm you are as bad as the climate alarmists.

    Along the Front Range this is a ''tree' snowstorm. Roads will be at worst slushy.

    In the mountains truckers will encounter chain laes

  2. Sorry Mike.

    What I meant to say is don't hype this storm. It will be slushy at best in Denver. The mountains will have chain laws but any truckers should have chains in the mountains from Sep 1 - May 31. Business as usual.

    The InAccu Weather forecast is misleading.


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