Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CNN: Ten Fatalities

Various news sources are CNN is reporting three ten fatalities so far in this tornado outbreak as of 11am Central time. 

Drew Pelz was nice enough to note our posting of the Reno County radar at 6:40 yesterday evening led to this photo of the tornado five minutes later. That storm did minor damage.

The NWS's Storm Prediction Center's "significant" (≥F2) tornado index continues above the threshold value of 2, especially over Tennessee. Keep a close eye on the weather in the region if thunderstorms approach.


UPDATE: 10:50am. Via KSDK (NBC, St. Louis) Twitter feed, here is an image of the damaging in Harrisburg, IL


  1. I just watched the 5:30pm CBS national news. It talked about the 30 minute heads up for Branson with the new dual-polarization radar, but I am upset about the news on Harrisburg, Il. They said people woke up to the sirens, and then it hit right away. We somehow need to promote weather radios, and get people to quit relying on sirens for indoor warning. This includes getting the national media to drive this home to people everytime we have stories like this! Repeat, repeat, repeat...

  2. Mike, thank you for the comment.

    However, I believe it is more complicated. The NWS issued no warning on the Harveyville, KS storm so the weather radios would never have activated. The sirens can be just as timely as the NWR's.


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