Drive-In Etiquette: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Yes, it is summer, time to visit Drive-Thru restaurants. 

Went to Sonic this afternoon to get a Diet Coke with lime. As I was turning from the street into the parking lot, there was a black pickup with a large Dallas Cowboys emblem at the ordering position already ordering as I approached. There was no one in front of her. I noticed it was 1:31. At 1:41, the drive-thru window was shoveling sacks, giant hot dogs, malts, drinks, ice cream sundaes, etc., etc. for what was obviously intended to feed numerous people. She drove off at 1:42. Eleven minutes for a single person.

By the time I got to the drive-thru, the line behind me was as far as the rear-view mirror could see.

People, come on. When you are feeding the entire office or team a late lunch, please pull into a stall! Yes, that means you have to tip. So, what?! My (very accurate) car thermometer said it was 97° and if you were the carhop, you would want a tip, too.

Thank you for reading my venting.


  1. Sorry, despite the Cowboy paraphernalia, that had to be a Washington Redskin fan. :)


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