Where the Elite Eat in Wichita

Jaime Green, Wichita Eagle
Because of personal aircraft and pilot training, Wichita attracts lots of celebrities.

This article about Harrison Ford and where he dines when he is (frequently) in Wichita mentions the following restaurants which I will now rank in order of my preferences (#1 being the best):
  1. Chester's Chop House (more on that, here)
  2. Connie's (real Mexican food)
  3. Sabor (authentic South American)
I have never eaten at Do-Dah, George's or Thai. 

Hyatt Regency Wichita
If you choose a hotel because of its restaurant, I recommend the Hyatt Regency which has an outstanding restaurant (far better than the usual hotel fare) and the Ambassador's Tuscan Steak House which is also very good. While I usually do not run into celebrities, I once sat across from the late Sydney Pollack at the Hyatt. 

So, do like the celebrities do, and visit Wichita!


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