Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Is the Media Not Capable of Learning From Its Mistakes?

Remember the "tornado wall" fiasco that USA Today and others wrote about in breathless, encouraging terms? After that was slammed by every atmospheric scientist I can think of, now comes (drum roll, please): The Hurricane Wall! And, yes, it is brought to you by USA Today. 

The plan -- such that it is -- is to put 78,000 wind turbines (who cares about the cost!) out in the ocean to generate power (of course, who needs power out in the oceans and the cost of getting the power to land and synching it with the grid would be astronomical) with the added benefit of weakening hurricanes. Hint: It won't work.

Never mind that this is the same institution that brought us highly questionable claims about trends in tornadoes and severe thunderstorms that even the IPCC doesn't agree with.

It seems the mainstream media will print anything -- regardless of validity -- the appears to put 'green' energy in a favorable light or make global warming appear worse than it is.

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