The Rain at My House

UPDATE: This map provides an illustration as to why forecasting rainfall amounts is so difficult. Western Sedgwick County received no rain at all (black). Northeast and southeast Sedgwick County received more than three inches (yellow) with flash flooding. In some cases, the distance between three inches and 0.25" is less than two miles.  After completely missing out on the first two rounds of storms we had 1.46" at my house. 

The various gust fronts (the rain cooled air spreading out under a thunderstorm) finally converged on north Wichita. The cool air lifted the warm unstable air and created a new thunderstorm. Here is that thunderstorm in northeast Wichita.  Jabara Airport picked up 0.67" in less than an hour with the rain still falling.

Here is the radar image of the storm at this time:


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