Monday, May 1, 2017

UPDATE: Tornado Watch, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Update at 2:40pm EDT.
An additional watch has been issued.

The tornado watch below is still in effect at this time. 
A tornado warning has already been issued in western Pennsylvania, north of Pittsburgh. 

Please keep in mind a warning means to take cover. A watch means to "watch the weather" and monitor media tools such as the free AccuWeather app for possible warnings. 

There are major air traffic delays (more than 30 minutes) at:

  • Boston
  • Toronto
  • Newark
  • JFK (2 hr. 14 min. on average!)
  • LaGuardia
  • Los Angeles 

Earlier is better if you are flying today. Otherwise, you may inquire about delaying your trip until tomorrow morning.

--Original Posting--
The watch is in effect until 7pm EDT. In addition to tornadoes, please note there is a high risk of thunderstorm induced wind gusts of 60 mph or higher and a moderate risk of gusts of 65 kt. (75mph) or higher. Please secure items that can be easily blown about.

Unfortunately, I cannot cover today's storms on the blog. I will pass along some tweets of interest @usweatherexpert. Please make sure you monitor the weather at the first sign of the approach of thunderstorms if you live in the tornado watch area.

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