Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tornado Risk Increased for Later Today and Tonight

#1: There is no reason to worry about this forecast. Just be prepared with at least two ways to get a warning (TV+smartphone app+battery operated radio+weather radio, etc.) and fresh batteries in your flashlight. Keep your cell phone charged.  Plan your time after about 3pm through the evening. Make sure you are not caught out in your car. If you are do not take shelter under an overpass. 

Then, just monitor the weather at the first sign of thunderstorms. Take shelter if needed. 

That's it, be watchful, not worried. 

Now the forecast: The odds of a tornado within any given point are now up to 15% (the significant threshold is 5%) which is quite high. The hatching means violent, long-track tornadoes are possible.

The exact placement of the tornadic thunderstorms will depend, in part, on the position of the front highlighted below. Typically, tornadic thunderstorms from about 5 mi. north of the front to along the front to about 25 mi. to the south (these are generalized comments, don't take them literally). 
So, I'll have at least one more overview this afternoon. In the meantime, if you live in the 5% or higher areas, keep up on the weather the rest of the day and into tonight. Take warnings seriously and make sure you have a way to shelter children and others in your care.

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