Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Political El Nino?

When I saw the email this morning there was now "officially" an El Nino in the Pacific, I was surprised (to say the least). I was not the only one.
Anthony describes the mess here. We have been hearing about this alleged El Nino for more than a year and I've never seen it on the sea surface temperature maps. Let me offer some speculation as to what is really going on.

Take a look at these (I could have posted dozens of similar write-ups):

Big Climate wants 2014 to have been the warmest year on record (even though the data is, at best, mixed on that subject) and wants the El Nino because they believe it will cause world temperatures to spike, ending the highly embarrassing 18 years or so where temperatures have been flat. These folks wish and hope the flattening in temperatures will go away so their funding and political stances will not be jeopardized even though, according to them, a rise in temperatures will be very bad for humanity.

My best guess at what is going on is that NOAA would have lost face if no El Nino occurred after so many months of forecasting it since so many of its global warming allies were counting on it. Thus, we have the first political El Nino in history.

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