Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Really Scares Me

Got back to Wichita after week two of the book tour and was catching up on my newspapers. This story really scares me. Stan Finger writes about the extreme traffic jams as the tornado approached Wichita Monday. People were trying to dash from work to home when the tornado sirens went off and the roads became gridlocked.

A car is no place to be during a tornado! Look at this photo from Associated Press taken just east of Norman, OK Monday.

The KFOR TV helicopter presented live video of cars tossed like Hot Wheels toys.

As a father, I certainly understand the impulse to want to get home to your children. But, they are better off with you waiting until the storm has passed rather than risking being in the path of the tornado in your car.


  1. That last paragraph is similar to a scenario that I was told about a couple weeks ago. Say its 1:30 in the afternoon and Supercell pops up and starts to put down a tornado. A town of 15,000 is in a tornado warning and a school is in the path of the tornado. Most likely, parents will rush to the school to get their kid so they can take them home with them. This presents the nightmare scenario of parents in cars outside the school with children in school getting hit by a tornado. Scary to think about.

  2. Most all schools in Tornado Alley have detailed plans to shelter the students. It is better for parents to let their children be sheltered in the schools rather than trying to take them home and run the risk of them being struck by the tornado while they are in their cars.


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