Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why You Should ALWAYS Take Shelter in a Tornado

If the embedding doesn't work, click here. Click on 1080 to view in HD.

Just this morning, an acquaintance described tornado warnings in his neighborhood as a "garden party" -- everyone goes outdoors to watch the storm.

This amazing HD video (select 1080 resolution) by Jason McLaughlin, taken in Rice, TX Monday, demonstrates why standing outside watching is a dangerous idea. You can see the debris flying at speeds of 100+ mph and, if a sharp piece of metal struck you, you could be torn in half. You can see the power lines arcing. Touch a live wire and you could be electrocuted.

I can't account for the two autos that drive into the tornado. I have no idea what the drivers were thinking. After watching the video in HD, twice, it appears one car is saved by the Jersey Barrier dividing the freeway. Had the barrier not kept the car in place, it likely would have tumbled or become airborne causing serious injury.

I suggest watching the entire video to see the "elephant's trunk" stage after the slow motion portion of the video.

UPDATE:  This is only an F-2 tornado!

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