Thursday, April 3, 2014

Recapping the Tornado and Severe Weather Threat

With the various NWS outages in progress, let's recap where we are...

The yellow counties on the map are under one of four tornado watches at the current time.

The amber are severe thunderstorm warnings. Maroon = flash flood warnings. Greens are flash flood watches. Magenta is wildfire warnings.

I still believe more tornado warnings will be needed this afternoon.

But, now, there is an unfortunate new wrinkle. The National Weather Service's Doppler radar that serves Dallas-Ft. Worth is down. They do not know when it will be fixed. Fortunately, AccuWeather also has the Terminal Doppler Weather Radar from the Federal Aviation Administration. We will be monitoring that to serve our clients.
Severe thunderstorm at Sanger, TX on FAA TDWR
Finally, here is an AccuWeather Regional Radar overview of all of the storms at 2:39pm CDT.


  1. Yeah. I'm here in S. Dallas. Can't get the radar. Can't get SPC. Did funding run out? I'm monitoring radio, TV and NWS radio. Is there somewhere on Accuweather where you guys have live updates?

  2. Until they get back online, I'm providing special coverage. Plus, go to and they are doing live-blogging and live TV reports.


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