Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Simple Solution

Given all the whining (here, for example) about last night's NCAA mens' basketball championship, I have a simple solution:  Bowl games for basketball!  We could call them "basketbowl" games.

Since "March Madness" occurs in, well, March, you could have the "Bradford Pear Bowl" in Wichita and the Cherry Tree Bowl in Washington, D.C., etc. One the basketbowl games were played, the sportswriters (the people doing all of the complaining) could pick the national championship basketball team via poll.

So much better than having to play all of those games to determine the best team, right?

Oh, wait. You mean they do that in college football? And, in football, the same sportswriters complain that there isn't a tournament to determine the national champion?

Never mind.

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